What is 'Water Fed Pole' Window Cleaning?  

Here at O.H.Window Cleaning, we like to take advantage of the latest technology. That's why we use the 'water fed pole' method wherever possible.

How does it work?

Tap water is put through a resin filter, to produce de-ionised 'pure water'. A meter reading is taken to check the water is 100% pure. This is stored in a tank inside our vehicles, and then pumped to the top of a 'water fed pole'. This is an extendible pole with a soft brush at the top. The window is scrubbed with the brush, and then rinsed off with pure water. As the water is pure, it is left to dry naturally, with a perfectly clear finish. 


What are the benefits over traditional methods? 

SAFETY- Eliminating the need for ladders- this method has tremendous safety benefits, especially during the winter months. 

BETTER CLEANING- All frames and sills can now be cleaned easily with this system. 

 SPEED- As this method allows us to work slightly quicker, it allows us to keep our prices as low as possible.

BETTER FOR YOUR PROPERTY- No more ladder marks on your window sills, holes in your grass, or risk of broken tiles on sloping roofs. 

INCREASED PRIVACY- No more faces at the bedroom window! 

EASIER ACCESS TO DIFFICULT WINDOWS- Windows previously inaccessible with a ladder (e.g above conservatories) can now be reached.   

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